- Our Legacy -

 A family-owned company with four generations in the jewelry industry.

Our Story

Established in 1995 by third generation jeweler Norman Covan in Los Angeles, California, the Norman Covan design house of diamond jewelry is run by the respected and renowned Covan family. Today, Norman Covan runs the company with his daughter, Lara Covan who is equally as passionate as her father when it comes to the designs, quality, and timeless fashion their diamond jewelry is famous for.

Bringing people together through the artisanship of timeless and uniquely beautiful diamond jewelry, the Norman Covan design house focuses on the quality and workmanship for each piece handcrafted by its team in their studio with Norman Covan himself overseeing and designing all the beautiful pieces the studio produces. Norman Covan’s gorgeous jewelry collections effuse an expression of passion, beauty, and individuality that makes those who wear them, absolutely ravishing.

Striving everyday to maintain being one of the best in their class, Norman Covan’s team can be found attending America’s world renowned jewelry trade shows and bringing stunning jewelry to the people who appreciate the artistry, quality and workmanship brought by the Norman Covan design house.




Norman Covan

Founder of Norman Covan Diamond Jewelry, Norman Covan, a third generation jeweler, began his journey in the industry on the bench as a young apprentice diamond setter. Recognized for his natural genius as a jewelry artisan by those he worked with, he began to receive a flood of demand for his talents.

Inspired by a plethora of diverse cultures, Norman's unique flavor emerged within his compositions and unforgettable jewelry. With the success of his career, Norman moved to the fashion capital of the world—Paris, France—and gained notoriety for his exclusive retro-modern designs. After making a name for himself in the European Jewelry industry, Norman went on to establish the reputable Los Angeles based design house, Norman Covan Diamond Jewelry, in 1995.

His visions range from the finest quality Diamond creations to lovely hand-crafted precious jewels. Norman's desire for excellence in setting style, artistic concept, and superior design speaks for his acclaimed reputation. One common thread is evident—quality. Norman prides himself on taking a hands-on approach to business and craftsmanship that is unprecedented in today's jewelry market.


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Lara Covan

Lara Covan, a fourth generation jeweler, born and raised in Los Angeles, grew up in the family business and joined her family’s design house full-time after graduating college. Lara graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a B.A. in Film & Media Studies focusing on the psychology of the digital mediums and marketing of the industry. For the past nine years, she has merged her knowledge and craft of diamond jewelry with her education to be at the forefront of the fashion jewelry industry. When asked about taking on the mantle of the family business, Lara said, "The Covan aesthetic is something special and unique. My father has an understanding of jewelry that goes back to the core of jewelry design. I cannot begin to express my gratitude in having him as my mentor and allowing me to learn in depth about his craft and inheriting his eye for design." Filled with passion and joy for what she does, Lara continuously strives to take the family business to the next level.